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Brent began his career in the restaurant industry while attending the University of Oklahoma. In 1978, Brent started working for his father at Pistachio’s Grill and Bar as a bartender. In the early eighties, Brent’s father purchased Michael’s Plum. Brent was promoted quickly to head bartender of that concept and worked his way up to The General Manager position.
After his father retired, Brent joined Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurants in 1986 as a manager trainee. During the next three years he held the position of Kitchen Manager, General Manager and District Manager over five locations in Florida. In April of 1988, Chi-Chi’s, Inc. was acquired by Foodmaker, Inc., a San Diego based restaurant Management Company. In late 1988, Brent joined Chili’s Grill and Bar Restaurants as a manager. Brent started in Oklahoma City with Chili’s and moved to Mesquite, Texas where he ran one of the highest volume Chili’s in the United States for three years. In 1992, Brent moved to Sydney, Australia for six months and helped with the opening of the first Chili’s built in that country. Brent trained and worked with all the managers for that opening as well. In 1993, Brent was promoted to an Opening Unit Director with Brinker International and was in charge of opening over 60 new Chili’s Grill and Bar restaurants throughout the United States.
In 1996, Brent moved back to Norman, Oklahoma to partner up with Hal Smith and franchise the On the Border Mexican Café concept. In 2001, Brent and his partner sold the On the Border Cafes back to Brinker International.
In 2001, the Hal Smith Restaurant Group acquired the franchise rights to build six Krispy Kremes in three states. Brent was in charge of opening all of those stores. Brent developed the Louie’s Grill and Bar concept for the Hal Smith Restaurant Group in 2003 and opened over 15 locations in Oklahoma. Brent also helped launch the Toby Keith Grill and Bar concept which currently has two locations.
Brent was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After living all over the country opening restaurants his dream was to always come back to his beloved state of Oklahoma. Moving back in 1996 and having the opportunity to partner up with Hal Smith has been a lifelong dream of mine.
“So far so good! With company sales in excess of $300,000,000 per year, over 80 restaurants and 5000 employees in seven states it has been a fun adventure. I have loved every minute of it!”
Brent and his wife reside in Edmond.

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