Cacky Poarch

Cacky Poarch – An Encore Presentation!

Cacky Poarch is the founding executive director of the deadCenter Film Festival and established deadCenter as a nonprofit corporation in 2004. She helped grow the festival into being named “Top 20 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by MovieMaker Magazine and “Top 100 Rated Film Festivals” by FilmFreeway.

Cacky has produced and directed multiple films in Oklahoma, many of which premiered at deadCenter, including the award-winning documentary “Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism.” Her other credits include the Short Documentary The Reawakening of Meade which toured the film festival circuit in 2013. She co-directed and produced the Documentary Feature ART 365 with Melissa Scaramucci which was presented across the US, England, Wales, India, and Egypt.

Cacky has worked as First Assistant Director on numerous Oklahoma projects, including Okie Noodling II, UFOs at the Zoo: The Flaming Lips Live, and Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo, which received HBO distribution in 2009. Additionally, Cacky was awarded the deadCenter Festival ICON Award at the 2018 Glitterball. Most recently, she was featured in Hundred Magazine and was a guest on The Wildly Capable Woman podcast.

Cacky completed her Leadership MBA at Oklahoma City University and will strive to enrich Oklahoma’s diverse culture and economy with film experiences for everyone.

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