David Hooten

Multi-Grammy and Emmy nominated David B Hooten!!!

Hooten’s first album, The Trumpet Shall Sound, was released in 1989 and featured a popular rendition of Amazing Grace of which tens of thousands of singles were sold. He has recorded a total of twenty solo albums, primarily featuring jazz, gospel, and classical selections. He’s been a soloist with numerous orchestras, including the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, and the Thailand National Symphony Orchestra. Hooten has performed at the White House for Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush as well at a private audience in the Vatican for John Paul II, and has been nominated for three Grammy awards and an Emmy. He founded and continues to serve as president of the Children’s Music Education Foundation.

Hooten wows Armstrong with his horn, David Hooten, is recognized worldwide for his first hit single “Amazing Grace,” and last week, he brought his virtuoso abilities on the trumpet to Armstrong Auditorium to perform a Dixieland concert. He selected his favorite performer on each instrument for the band with Byron Berline’s bow flying over the fiddle. The audience devoured the music as if they were standing on Bourbon Street. Several people trailed the musicians as they marched through the aisles for “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Other big successes with the crowd were “The St. Louie Blues,” “Basin Street Blues,” and “How Great Thou Art.” Multi-Grammy and Emmy nominated, David has released over 20 albums and has been the guest artist with symphony orchestras around the world.

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