Bella Shaw

Bella Shaw – CNN News Anchor, News Trail Blazer, TV Host, Hollywood Actor and So Much More!!!!

Bella Shaw is a TV Host, actress, and broadcast journalist who jumped to the international stage of CNN after seven years at the NBC station in Oklahoma City, or as she likes to say,
“From a Farm Show to CNN ~ What a segue!” Shaw anchored
Newsday in Atlanta before moving to Los Angeles to host the live, daily entertainment news journal, Showbiz Today.

Upcoming, Bella has been cast to play the President of the United States in an independent feature, The Other Foot. Shaw plays a newscaster in the soon to be released film Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.

Bella is also a voice over artist, lending her voice to a number of
shows including, Queen of the South (Netflix) House of Cards (Netflix) and The Passage (FOX).

Shaw earned her journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma. She grew up in Lawton, where her father was stationed at Ft. Sill. She is of Austrian descent and became
a naturalized citizen at the age of twelve.

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